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Where the heck do we go from here?

Congratulations! You’ve set up a website. Or maybe just decided to set up an online presence. Perhaps you have done both and are considering a refresh of your currently marketing initiatives. Whatever the reason, there can be overwhelming choice that paralyze the best of us. (See my post on breaking out of this.)

You may have the enthusiasm necessary to spend night after night delving into code, or new widgets or new websites that offer inspiration. These are all great things, especially your voracious appetite to consume and then implement your new knowledge.

But you know, you might just be missing one thing. A plan. A strategy. Too often those are overlooked in favor of action. After all, action is what gets people to your site. Pays the bills, right?

Having a plan or a strategy in the early stages allows you to prioritize your efforts and channel that enthusiasm into the action that will lead to the greatest result. With a well-established strategy, you will know where your energy should be directed and have a fairly good idea of what success looks like rather than doing something merely to be doing something.

You dig?

About the author: I’ve been around this thing called “the interwebs” before kittens started “talking” about it. Longer than I’ve been drinking Red Bull. Longer than Netscape Navigator. Longer than Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Long before the term “information superhighway” was coined. And when it was, i just shook my head. I had my Masters in Derpology before the term was invented.

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