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Freedom to be successful

There have been many times in my life where I felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy or successful, or heaven forbid, both! It seemed to be something within myself that would sabotage my efforts. Circumvent my best plans for success and happiness.

It has taken a lot of patience and permission to allow those feelings to be replaced with confidence. I’m not 100% where I want to be, because I’m still striving to keep pushing forward.

Whatever your situation, keep confident in your attempts. Allow yourself to feel the joy in your accomplishments, be they in marketing, art, music, self-expression or just getting through the day. You are free to keep trying to make your life better for you and those who love you. And there are people who love you. The internet is full of evidence of this.

No one knows your situation but you. You do not have to be a prisoner to it. You allow yourself to be held captive. You have the power to stop it. Not when something external to you happens. It starts within you, and builds on your thoughts. It builds momentum in your mind.

For all the negativity, brutality and suppression this life can throw at you, you have in you an indomitable weapon. Love. It comes in many forms and if you allow it in to your heart and you begin to share it, THEN the world opens up for you. You can feed from it and let it pass through you to flow to others, who in turn might be inspired to show love to others. This is how you can help save the world one heart at a time.

Live free. Free of the damaging voices in your head. Replace them with positive, reaffirming, loving voices. Let those voices shout down all others. You are worthy of love. Are capable of love. Are capable of being loved.

Fre highlighter

Remember, you are only constrained if you allow yourself to be.

About the author: I’ve been around this thing called “the interwebs” before kittens started “talking” about it. Longer than I’ve been drinking Red Bull. Longer than Netscape Navigator. Longer than Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Long before the term “information superhighway” was coined. And when it was, i just shook my head. I had my Masters in Derpology before the term was invented.

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  • Mike

    That’s right, brotha man!! Preach!

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